Monday, August 18, 2014

Next Creatives in Animation Network Event: 8th Sept

The next Creatives in Animation Network (CAN)  event takes place on Monday 8th September starting 7 pm sharp - 9pm  in the Roasted Brown cafe space. (They do the best flat white in Dublin. Sadly, they close on Mondays at 5.30 but I'll bring tea and coffee along). Love to see as many of you there as possible who have been before - seems ages since the last one - and hopefully, as usual, a swell of new faces too.

Pass on the word too and let me know ( if you're coming along so I can keep an eye on numbers given the limited space.

I organised the first CAN event in Jan 2012, little realising how interesting it would be. My motive was frustration - I am a a writer and creator of animation who cannot draw and wants to get material made! This will  be the 11th event and through the network I have met such a fantastic whorl of interesting and talented people, as have most of these people when they came along to an event.

And collaborations have been happening from the start... in animated features, games, short animation and series. The likelihood, when you bring together such a range of talented creatives into one room, is that the conversation never ends.

So how do these events work? Firstly, not a formal gathering -- more an opportunity to meet n greet people who also love animation and want to make some. It's about making contacts you can follow up on rather than pitching, although sometimes you can't help yourself. We have a huge range and scope of members now from every branch and role in animation and into illustration, game designers and writers, creators of series and writers of animation as well  professional writers who have been produced in every other medium.

Secondly, we extend the network to include all other members. Everyone who comes to an event can agree to be on a group email -- this is only for those who have attended one of these events and is to allow you to follow up with each other more easily.

There is also a Facebook page and a more international one on LinkedIn for further networking and these are open to those who have yet to attend an event.

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