Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Interactive Narrative Fiction & Games event

The next Creatives in Animation Network (CAN) event is on Wednesday November 19th in Room 3, Filmbase.

It’s on a Wednesday this time (rather than the usual Monday) in order to use Room 3 (big thank you to Filmbase) so that we can have a screen if we need it. Why? Because this event is focussing on different forms of collaboration and writing/ animation – namely games and interactive narrative fiction. We have a narrative designer, a game developer and an interactive fiction writer so far lined up but it's still an informal gathering but if it works out, we can make it a regular feature to focus on some aspect of/ specific arena in the animation industry at every other event. 

It’s still starting at 7, ending at 9 but bring a take away coffee/tea this time as we won’t have access to the Roasted Brown boiler downstairs.

Let me know if you want to come along at I really need to keep an eye on numbers this time.  

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